Sunday, 13 May 2007

Nothing like reading zines on the train home.

We're getting used to this funny old commute down to that London. Zinefest was awesome. We showed some new material to a bunch of decent people who gave us feedback we could use.

I got to have a brief look at the exhibition in the Women's Library, and had a chat to some of the staff there - they were totally welcoming and I had a good chat to them. I bought a Women's library pen. Ok, I acutally bought two because if I ever buy one thing like that, I never use it. I've only just started using some of the Lisa Frank stickers I had as a kid in the 80s. I'm a stationery freak.

Crazy star-crossed moment of the day: Nearly didn't get to meet Daria of Revenge of the Nerds Distro who'd come to London from Poland. Through the magic of a hastily scrawled postcard and messengers from the 56a Library's distro, we were able to finally chat in person.

Crazy star-struck moment of the day: A really nice guy came up to Sarah and said he'd seen us mentioned in Timeout.

Cheers to Naz who taught us bookbinding. Sarah's decided her next zine is going to be a limited edition hardback run of like...5.

I'm going to go back to watching Spaced and go to bed.

Cheers to Red for organising stuff, and all the Women's library staff for letting me use the copier.


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