Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Too early to call.

While I'm up, waiting for the election results (I voted by post, which fed my mail-art fetish as an extra bonus), here's some other non-election related stuff.

In news closer to home, Sarah's just told me that the Mooncup got a mention on Women's Hour today in the thrift section. (You may also want to check out the piece on sexism and homophobia in the workplace, which I haven't listened to yet but will check out tomorrow.)

Also, props to M L Madison and Brittany Shoot for their Feminist Review co-editorships!

More later.



b said...

You two are so nice! Michelle and I have just this week been exchanging emails like we're unofficial leaders of your fan club.

I'm trying to stay up too, but it's nearing 2am in Copenhagen, and CNN is worthless so far. If I played drinking games, I'd make one based on how many times they say "historic election" tonight.

Riot Kitty said...

Thanks chicas!